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AH44 Hungarian Jewry from Emancipation to Holocaust

The seminar will follow the development of identities of Hungarian Jews. In particular we will focus on the standpoints of Hungarian Jewry in the external arena – in its perceptions of the surrounding Christian world: what were its attitudes towards society, culture and government. How it reacted to modern Hungarian nationality? To what extent did the community fit itself within the rising nation-state? What were the views in relation to the Hungarian people? What were the reactions to anti-Semitic phenomena that arose in the country? All these open a window to the confrontation with the challenges of modernity in the years between emancipation and the late Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry.

Course Specifications
Type: Elective
Lesson type: Lecture
Hours: 28 (5 credits)
Category: HISTORY
Requirement: essay
Instructor: Jehuda Hartman
Course Readings1
Jehuda Hartman, Patriots without a Homeland (Boston: Academic, 2023)